Hi there,

I’m the Founder&CEO of One Act, a global AI technology startup.

We are expanding the world’s first AI-powered Source code marketplace “PieceX” to more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

I’m active based in Tokyo, Japan. And my business bases are also France, India, the UK and the US.

The sites of my service and companies are below.

– PieceX www.piecex.com

– One Act, Inc. www.oneact.jp

– One Act UK, Ltd. www.one-act-uk.com

– One Act US, Inc. www.one-act-us.com

And thankfully, I have been selected for several awards.

Europe ”Best Startup” at 4YFN 2022
Japan ”Annual Grand Prix Winner” at Independents Club Grand Prix 2022
Middle east & Africa ”Runner-up of AI Innovator field” at Supernova 2022
Japan ”Winner” at Tokyo New Business Conference Pitch Contest 2023
ASIA ”Startup Of The Year” at The International Prime Awards Asia 2023
USA ”Runner-up of AI field” at Go Global Awards 2023

Media Awards:
USA Top 50 most admired companies to watch 2022
India Transformational CEO’s 2022
UK Best Software Development CEO 2022
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And the articles featuring me were published in Forbes New York and Forbes England.

・Forbes England


・Forbes New York


Thank you.